We've known Phil and Abby for some time now. We first came to know Phil through EBBS bible study and became part of what he fondly calls, "EBBsalom." Phil has always been a passionate person when it comes to ministry and always strives to reach out to others and make them feel welcomed by sharing not only his fellowship but God's love. We met Abby through church and bible study as well and she has always welcomed us with a warm smile, big hug, and thoughtful words. Through the years we've seen them grow together and now that they are married we've been blessed by how much their passion for ministry, God, and now each other has touched not only us but all those who surround them. We were asked to be apart of their special day, which also happened to be a special anniversary for us, our 5th "first date" anniversary. We are so blessed and excited to see how God continues to grow in their marriage and ministry. Congrats again, Mr. & Mrs. Baydestrian!